(updated July 2020)

Attention Carers and people living with dementia!

Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities?

Are you looking for creative and fulfilling activities for the person you care for?

Do you want life to feel easier and brighter?


If you’re a Carer and frustrated by the lack of practical support there is out there, I understand.

Back in 2018, I started working with the Wynnum Manly Dementia Friendly Community Committee to address this very issue.  

My solution was to create an ART PROGRAM that would provide Carers and people living with dementia, easy ways to be creative and use the artistic process as an outlet to express their emotions and experiences.

ADAPT is A Dementia Art Program for Today!

Extensive research strongly evidences that creative expression plays an integral part in enhancing our mental wellbeing. As a Carer, Art activities will help to nurture your mental health, but for people living with dementia, engaging with art can also help increase mobility, improve mood and attention span and reduce agitation, among many other symptoms! 


After the success of my face-to-face ADAPT classes, earlier this year, I created an online course so that now you can sign up to live presentations each week and walk away with heaps of ideas to relax and inspire YOU, PLUS you will learn heaps of ways to inspire the person you care for, any time of the day when the time is right.  


Art is perfect for therapy, fun, or both.


When someone you know and love is diagnosed with dementia, it is lifechanging for everyone involved. Your hopes and dreams for the future are suddenly thrown into chaos and your thoughts and concerns about ‘what next’ can become all-consuming. You might even make a promise to yourself to always be a kind and patient Carer, but then find that reality isn’t so easy.



Living with dementia can be very frustrated!


You want to do the best for the person you care for, but you have your own needs to consider also.

You’re responsible for finding ways to support the person you care AND finding time for your own needs.

You want them to have the best ‘quality of life’ possible but you worry about how to keep them safe.



It’s hard to stay positive.


When the diagnosis is made official, you know you’re going to need support and you’re going to need to 'ADAPT'.  Life, as you know it, could start to change very quickly so it’s crucial that you act now to keep your own spirits up AND to slow the progression of cognitive decline in the person you care for.


My program is designed to provide you with creative art activities and endless ideas to help you manage your stress while also giving you the tools you need to help the person living with dementia to participate in a meaningful hobby.

No prior art experience is necessary.

This program is purposely designed to fun and rewarding for any who provides care, as well as the person with dementia.

I’ll walk you through the processes, step by step, so you will discover ways to express your ideas in creative ways AND be empowered with the confidence to show the person with dementia how to have a go as well. 


Here is what my clients have said:


"What a great interactive program for my Mother-in-law and myself to work through. It really involves all the senses.” Katherine


“My client really enjoys these art sessions. He can relax and not have to feel the pressure of ‘getting it right’. It’s a great way for him to keep busy without feeling judged, and I know it helps to keep his mind going when he has to think of ideas. These art activities give him a reason to think harder and they help him to relax and express himself in his own way. He enjoys giving attention to detail.” Jamie


“I found the activities so relaxing and enjoyable. I’ve been reminded of past art activities that I did as a child which I enjoyed doing. I learned new techniques and feel more positive than when I started.” Glenys


“Mum has been getting to be very cranky and frustrated especially with my dad.  It’s so good to find something Mum and I can do together where she can feel happy and relaxed.” Caroline


“These classes are first class! Natalie is a delightful, friendly teacher who is informative and encouraging.” Anna


“I’ve learned so much. These classes have opened my mind. The activities are easy to follow and Natalie gives you so much confidence.” Pat


I often get the question: How will this work for me, when I don’t have an artistic bone in my body?

The truth is, everyone can ‘use’ art materials to create ‘something’ and with tuition and guidance, I know ‘something’ can turn into literally anything…the sky is the limit! It’s actually the PROCESS OF CREATING, that will change your life, not the perceived quality of the artwork you make!  



ADAPT ONLINE gives you:

  • the opportunity to learn priceless skills and start your own creative hobby.

  • coaching and the help you need to connect and enjoy this phase of your life in safe and familiar surroundings.

  • creative activities designed to help you focus on ‘NOW’, so you can take a break from worrying about what the future holds.

  • variety, so that you can pick and choose the most appropriate activities each week using a small range of affordable art materials, most of which you may already own.

  • easy ways for the person in your care to exercise and maintain their current cognitive function and fine motor skills.

  • a natural, non-pharmacological approach to living well with dementia

  • a tangible way to encourage laughter and give the person you care for a feeling of self-worth – “I can do this”. 

  • fun ways to encourage friends and other family members (of all ages) to participate, nurture, and maintain a positive relationship with the person with dementia.

  • support so you stop feeling alone and isolated


ADAPT ONLINE is offered via 6 weekly Live Workshops (ZOOM calls)


Each session will be interactive, with time built in for feedback and sharing within a session, AND I’ll give you on-demand access to the video training sessions so you can watch them as often as you like. 


I’m here to help you every step of the way I can even help you set up the tech! All you need is: 

  • a suitable device - laptop, iPad, or desktop computer

  • access to the internet

  • access to a basic kit of art material e.g. scissors, glue stick, lead pencil, coloured pencils, paints etc. Hints and tips about what makes a great kit will be covered in detail during the first session. 


AND, if you’re NOT happy with this program within the first 30 days,

I’ll refund you the full amount!



Register your interest NOW for next intake!



You will have:

 - Access to over 20 training modules that cover a range of art techniques and topics

 - Unlimited email support for 12 months.


 - Membership to a private Facebook group - Your program isn’t finished once its allotted time is up. You will have ongoing access to connect, ask questions and share your ideas and achievements with me as well as the current and future participants. Together we will build a judgment-free support network with people who understand your circumstances.

Your investment: The introductory price is $350, however, due to sponsorship from the Brisbane City Council’s Creative Sparks Grant, if you register before AUGUST 1, 2020, I am able to offer a $60 discount.



You pay $290


I've also added some great bonuses:

 - Free Art vs Art Therapy Video (including a Meditative Drawing Workshop)

 - Extra downloadable Templates and activity sheets

 - Extension ideas to ensure build on your success as your confidence grows.


This program is only available for 10 participants at a time!

(to ensure I can serve you at my best)


If you want to discover the power Art has to help you live well now,

it’s time to take action.

Bookings are open now.


All live sessions start at 7 pm until approx 8:30 pm...Next Course is starting SOON. 


Remember, as this is the pilot program, sponsored by the Brisbane City Council 2018-2019 Creative Sparks Grant, the prices will increase, next time the program is offered.


This is a unique opportunity to:

 - Manage your stress and find meaningful ways to support and occupy the person you care for.

 - Receive recordings of each session to watch alone or together, as often as you like.

 - Have ongoing access to our private ADAPT Facebook community 


 - Change the way you feel about your future 

I’m ready to start!



At this time in your life having a creative outlet

is more important than ever!

It’s never too early or late to start.


You can help others who are living with dementia by spreading the word about the service I am offering. Please email the link to this page to anyone in your network of friends who have been touched by dementia.  I know they WILL be grateful. 

Any Questions, email: hello@studioyellow.com.au 

OR CALL ME NOW on 0404 390 443 to talk through the next steps, and how this program could be the answer to your prayers.

Want to help find a cure?


StepUp for Dementia Research is a free online, postal and telephone service that connects people interested in dementia research with researchers conducting studies into dementia prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and cure. Anyone aged 18 and over – both with and without dementia – can register their interest, which can take as little as five minutes. Based on volunteers’ characteristics such as age, location and diagnosis, they will be matched to any studies for which they may be eligible.


If you are interested in signing up for ‘StepUp for Dementia Research’ head to www.stepupfordementiaresearch.org.au or call their helpline on 1800-7837-123.


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“I can feel myself using different parts of my brain. These classes take me away from my daily life and allow me to collect my thoughts. I absolutely look forward to each week because I know how much it is helping me.” Irene

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