My 'signature' Program for Adults is my Art Mentoring Program!

Until the official change over occurs, bookings for 2021 can be made via my new website. Check it out here:

My Art Mentoring Program is about combining the very best elements of the art curriculum I have taught in schools over my career with the knowledge I have gained through my life experiences as a Wife, Mother, Artist, Art Teacher, Art Therapist and Widow.

Signing up for weekly sessions help you to make that regular commitment to a life-changing habit as well as form new friendships.

If you are looking for a way to stop feeling bored, lonely, unhappy, empty, resentful or inadequate, Art can be part of your action plan?

Maybe you just lost for ideas or out of practice?

My unique ART MENTORING PROGRAM, located in Manly West near Wynnum it both fun and therapeutic.



You’ll be learning Art to love life.


My art-journaling style program is the easiest way to ‘taste test’ a wide variety of different media to build Art skills and Art confidence. As your mentor, I will show you how to develop a creative mindset by creating pages of ideas and “samplers” that can be used to inspire large works later.


The journaling format also means you’ll make more art in less time AND because a journal takes up less space, you can easily continue your new passion at home. You can even work on your lap when the kids are awake!! 

NO TALENT? My tried and tested program will help you overcome anxiety and fears. I have loads of experience teaching all ages and all stages. When your confidence builds, so will your artworks. Your Journal will be just like a written diary only you’ll be using colours, shapes and patterns to explore and record ideas.


I’ll show you how to be in touch with your life and all that’s happening in it. Together, we will reflect on all that is still good in the world and everything to be grateful for. This can be extremely powerful when you’ve had a particularly challenging week or if you’re going through a bigger rough patch (we all have them – You know that saying… "it never rains but it pours!")


The Art Mentoring Program is portable, personal and do-able. Then, continue at home in as little as 10 mins a day to nurture good mental health and unplug from technology.


You will…

  • Learn how to be VERY creative in different ways to make you happy for the rest of your life 

  • Learn my tried and tested methods to 'LEARN TO DRAW' and paint plus so much more

  • Discover your favourite art media with new inspiring activities every week!

  • Save money. ‘Try before you buy’ by using my materials and equipment before you buy supplies for use at home.

  • Be guided and supported as you learn each process, while still being encouraged to individualise your artwork.

  • Explore the key elements of ART, which will increase your skills, techniques, and confidence to develop yourself.

  • Be shown what magic needs to happen to make doing ART easy.

  • Learn how to instil a love of art in everyone around you. Teach your children/grandchildren to be creative thinkers.

  • Be surprised at what you can do and how much you’ll love doing it!


The “magic” is in how I teach art to reach the very foundations of the human psyche, which gains long-term benefits:


  • How you can silence your inner critic.

  • How artists approach and solve problems.

  • How to draw what you ‘see’ and perceive.

  • How to build art into your weekly routine.

  • How, where and when to create art at home.

  • How to get ideas out of our head in diverse ways to take our inspiration into the world.

  • How we can communicate more effectively by using a wider variety of different art materials.


To join ONE of the following groups please email me  or call 0404390443


1) Every Tuesday, 9:30 - 11:30 am

2) Every Wednesday, 7 - 9 pm


3) Every Thursday, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Bookings for 2021 can be made via my new website. Check it out here:

(New groups and session times are created from time to time. If you are interested in joining the waitlist please contact me today and I will notify you soon as the situation changes.)

What’s included: I supply all the materials, equipment, and resources needed for classes, extra daily journal prompts to inspire more creativity at home, plus a BONUS beautiful A4 ART journal to keep forever. Complimentary Tea/coffee too! 

Where: Manly West, Brisbane (full address provided in the confirmation email)

If Art or Art Therapy counts as Professional Learning for you, a Certificate of Participation and/or Tax Invoice can be provided upon request. 



"Natalie’s Art Therapy classes at Studio Yellow are indeed different from other art classes I’ve attended.  It is more about the creative process which allows for reflection and self-expression. I have found myself trying out new techniques and mediums and freeing myself up, as well as reflecting on the whole art process with surprising results. Natalie’s program has helped me a lot with my art and also with my self-development. I am feeling more confident and calmer in myself - I will be back for more next term. Thank you, Natalie." Tina M