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Until the official change over occurs, bookings for 2021 can be made via my new website. Check it out here:

All workshops are suitable for ADULTS or CHILDREN (aged 9 -17).

Take advantage of my special FAMILY OFFER: Parents or Carers are invited to enjoy a discounted rate when enrolling with a special person in their life aged 9 - 17.  Enjoy a unique and bonding experience that will be remembered forever. 

With all our workshops, unless otherwise stated, absolutely no prior experience is necessary or expected! In just one session you will 'make and take' an Artwork that you have created yourself (with as much or as little support from the workshop facilitator as you desire). 

All workshops are presented by Natalie Lynch 


1) Little Books of Love – Make Zines and More 


Artist books (Mini Art Journals) are a compact way to express your creative ideas. Like regular books, the pages within can hold many secrets. A ‘ZINE’ is essentially a small self-published magazine filled with words and images, and they can be made about any subject you are interested in.


During this workshop will be shown how to make two different types of miniature artist books using mixed-media techniques that will help you develop drawing, painting and collage skills.


Following a step by step process, you will also be shown ways to fill the pages to make the contents (the subject matter) fun and whimsical or deeply personal, the choice will be yours. By the end of the session, you’ll have the ability to make many more little books that capture your thoughts and feelings about moments in your life or show your love when you make them for others.


Please note, this workshop teaches new methods, different from the ‘Little books of gratitude’ workshop I have presented previously.


Dates:  Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 

Time: 1:30 pm -4:30 pm - (3 hours)

Your investment: $85 pp includes all materials, resources and equipment or sign up with a teenager for $130 (includes all materials and resources for two, one person under 18 years of age and one person over 18!!!). 


Tea/ Coffee is also provided. 


2) DRAW away your Stress and Anxiety - SOLD OUT


This is a special Workshop/EVENT for  Queensland MENTAL HEALTH WEEK (10-18 October 2020) - A cause very close to my heart!

This Art Therapy Workshop will teach you how to use a humble drawing book to make your life better. You will be introduced to a series of tasks that will help you develop mindfulness skills and creativity and will inspire you to be even more creative at home.

Art has always been a therapeutic part of my life so after I lost my husband to suicide in 2009, I left my long career as an Art teacher in schools to start Studio Yellow, a place where I teach art classes to adults for therapy, fun or both. When you have the know-how, drawing in an affordable and portable way to reduce anxiety and overwhelm while increasing positivity and joy.

Complete beginners will be surprised by how many ways simple drawing and painting materials can be used in creative ways to produce meaningful and beautiful results.

This workshop will recharge your batteries and help you feel more confident about how to use art as therapy. Even non-artists can use a drawing journal to ‘feel better’ on the hard days.

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2020


Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (3 hours)

Your investment: $85 pp, includes all materials, resources, and equipment or sign up with a Tween or teenager for $130 (includes all materials and resources for two, one person under 18 years of age and one person over 18!!!). All participants will also receive a DRAWING JOURNAL to keep.  


Tea/coffee is also provided.


3) Watercolour Basics for beginners - SOLD OUT

Introduce yourself to the mystery and magic of using watercolour paints. In just one session you will fall in love with this easy to set up and easy to clean up Art medium that gives instant results. Through demonstrations and hands-on experience, you’ll be bursting with ideas and will have completed an artwork to be proud of. I will demonstrate techniques, give individual guidance and discuss the pros and cons of the different materials that are on the market to help you understand what you do and don’t need to own in your home studio. Watercolour is also a great medium for adding brilliant colour, translucent washes and other exciting effects to travel sketches, art journals, illustrations, cartoons and designs.  

Date: Saturday, Oct 31, 2020 


Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (3 hours)


Your investment: $85 pp includes all materials, resources and equipment or sign up with a teenager for $130 (includes all materials and resources for two, one person under 18 years of age and one person over 18!!!). 


Tea/ Coffee is also provided. 


4) Paper Interlacing - A mixed-media workshop exploring the fabric of life


Interlacing Paper is a wonderful and fascinating way to express yourself. In this workshop, you will be creating individual painted and printed papers then transforming them into an amazing visual patchwork that can tell a story. You will be creating 'paper fabric' as the basis of an artwork that can be as literal or symbolic as you like.

Explore the delights of painting, drawing, collage and construction as you discover exciting ways to assemble and elaborate on an idea. You will have the opportunity to copy my examples exactly or explore your own ideas so that what you make is something completely new.

Rip, cut, weave, relax and smile as you are guided step by step through the process.

By the end of the session, you will have at least one finished artwork plus loads of ideas for doing more Interlacing at home.


Date: Saturday, Nov 21, 2020


Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (3 hours)


Your investment: $85 pp includes all materials, resources and equipment or sign up with a teenager for $130 (includes all materials and resources for two, one person under 18 years of age and one person over 18!!!).  

Tea/coffee is also provided.



5) Little BOX of Gratitude


Join me for an afternoon of creativity as you make a unique ‘gift of love’ to keep for yourself or give to someone special. In this workshop, you will be shown simple techniques to personalise a lidded box and fill it with hand-decorated paper scrolls. Based on the traditional ‘Promise Box’ (a box filled with biblical promises) this little box can be filled with gratitudes, dreams, and messages to help you, or the person who receives this gift, appreciate the things we have in life, rather than the things we don’t have.  

With a wide range of supplies readily available so that each tiny scroll will be an opportunity to discover new ways to play with colours and patterns.


Absolute beginners will love that you don’t need any drawing or painting skills to achieve amazing results.


This art therapy at it’s best because you can’t go wrong! Not only will your miniature artworks and messages be safe and private, living in a little box, but if you do make any ugly scrolls, you can toss them out (or maybe trade them with someone else on the day).  

This is a mixed-media arty afternoon with NO pressure attached to it! Just pure, positive escapism!

Gratitude was the #1 thing that helped through the most traumatic event in my life. I discovered, even when grieving, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!


Date: Saturday, Dec 5, 2020


Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm (3 hours) 

Your investment: $85 pp includes all materials, resources and equipment or sign up with a teenager for $130 (includes all materials and resources for two, one person under 18 years of age and one person over 18!!!).  

Tea/coffee is also provided.


6) Boutique ‘Paint and Sip’ style Art Session - Succulents  (BYO Drinks) - SOLD OUT

Relax with friends, or meet new people, while I show you the steps to take to feel like a true artist. You’ll get to chat, sip and follow along so that by the end of the session everyone will have a colourful, self-painted artwork to hang on the wall.

Boutique means sophisticated and small so the ‘sophistication’ starts as soon as you arrive. Each session begins with time to unwind and shake off the day. We will ‘Meet and Greet’, in a private courtyard, adorned with fairy lights. With a refreshment of your choice (BYO), mingle and share in a delicious platter of nibbles (provided).

Small refers only to the group size, which is capped at a maximum of 10, allowing for more individualised support.  You’ll also be supplied with quality ART materials to make being creative so much easier. Trust me, you always achieve better results when you have access to the right tools and equipment!

To see a picture of  what we'll be painting jump over to the EVENT on my Facebook page

(Group bookings are available, on other dates, upon application. For all inquiries contact me!

Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Time: 6:45 for a 7 pm start to 9 pm (2 hours) 

Introductory price: $35 - includes Share Platter, all materials and a 30cm x 60cm x canvas. BYO Drinks.


It is good for your mental health to dedicate some time on a Saturday doing something you want to do, rather than all the things you think you should be doing. Hobbies are usually the first thing to drop off the list when you have a hectic schedule, but there is a good reason to keep them high on the priority list. Hobbies can actually help you to relax, exercise your creative thinking skills and add some fun into your life. Remember, when you nurture yourself, everyone around you benefits too.


Saturday Workshop Topics are updated regularly. These sessions are designed to give you a lot of ideas to inspire you, long after the workshop is over so you can continue your new hobby at home.  Held in Manly West near Wynnum,  the aim of Saturday Art Workshops is focus on a specific topic or Art media. These workshops are perfect for those who are not available to attend weekday classes and are also designed to complement and extend on the content covered in the Art Mentoring Program.

* Refund policy is listed on the FAQs page

Saturday Art workshops aim to explore a variety of 2D and 3D Art media such as:

- Watercolour painting

- Acrylic Painting
- Soft Pastels
- Artist Books
- Mixed-media
- Printmaking

- Papier-mache and more...

Would you like to learn more, or suggest a topic?

I offer a 20 min free consultation to answer any questions you may have about my classes and programs. 


Please contact me, Natalie, on 0404390443

*If Art or Art Therapy counts as  Professional Learning for you, evidence of your learning

(Certificate of Participation and Tax Invoice) will be provided upon request. 


About the Presenter... 

Natalie Lynch has taught as a specialist Art teacher, in both primary and secondary schools. Working with students of all ages, for almost 30 years, has given her plenty of experience in supporting students with diverse learning needs. Natalie is passionate about improving lives by empowering people with art-making skills. Guided by her life experiences as well as her love of people, she is ready to share her knowledge with you in a fun, non-threatening environment. Natalie is a mother of two, a practising Artist, Art Therapist and a fully qualified Art teacher, registered with the QLD College of Teachers.





    Remember, you can give an experience to someone special.

Please call to purchase a Gift Voucher or to book a class with your Gift Voucher.       


Enquire today to learn more about Studio Yellow’s art workshops in Manly West near Wynnum!   


“As a man and a father, to be honest, I was apprehensive attending an Art workshop with my daughter. Unsure and a little nervous at first, I loved being proven wrong, Natalie’s class was awesome. Everything was well demonstrated, organised, friendly and FUN! It was a very creative way to enjoy some dad & daughter time. Highly recommended to all men/father.”  – Mark B


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“I can feel myself using different parts of my brain. These classes take me away from my daily life and allow me to collect my thoughts. I absolutely look forward to each week because I know how much it is helping me.” Irene

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