Rise Above (Ballooning) – July


Date: Sunday, July 17, 2022

Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Your investment: $70 per person

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At Studio Yellow you’ll enjoy a ‘Boutique-style’ Paint ‘n’ Sip class.

Boutique means sophisticated and small so the sophistication starts as soon as you arrive. Each session begins with time to unwind and de-stress in a private outdoor courtyard. With a refreshment of your choice (BYO), this gives you a moment to mingle and share in a delicious platter of nibbles (provided).

‘Small’ refers only to the group size, which is capped at a maximum of 10, allowing for more individualised support and attention as you paint.

You’ll be supplied with quality ART materials to make being creative so much easier. Trust me, you always achieve better results when you have access to the right tools and equipment!

These sessions are the perfect way to catch up with friends, celebrate a special occasion with family or socialise with colleagues, and everyone will have a visual reminder/keepsake, to treasure forever?

All levels of experience are welcome for what promises to be an afternoon of creativity, fun and laughter.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in.

What’s included:

  • A complete painting pARTy experience
  • Grazing platter, glasses, a refrigerator for drinks (BYO), Tea/coffee.
  • An apron for use on the day
  • Brushes, pallets, water jars
  • Acrylic paint
  • 1 x 40cm x 50cm canvas, for you to take home.
  • Step by step instructions
  • Music
  • Lots of photos that I will share with you, upon request
  • Clean up – it’s all taken care of for you

Group bookings are available (maximum of 10 guests) upon application. Either choose your preferred painting OR a commissioned painting (I will create a design based on images and ideas that you send me, for an extra fee). If you want to include extra time to socialise, you are welcome to use my private outdoor courtyard, before or after the session (also for an extra fee per hour). For all inquiries contact me!

Why paint patchworked Hot Air Balloons?

I find Hot Air Balloons beautiful and fascinating. I love the artistic designs, the majestic way they float freely across the sky, and they can be a metaphor for life.

The envelope (the fabric of the balloon which holds the air that keeps the balloon afloat) is like our mind…that has the ability to keep us hopeful. The burner, which gives regular intervals of hot air and propane to keep the balloon afloat, is like self-care. We all require regular food, sleep, exercise and creative hobbies at regular intervals to keep us motivated and inspired…forever moving upward. The basket is a great place to see where you’re going AND where you’ve been so that you can navigate the best course for the next part of the journey…and lastly, the sandbags, that were once used to control the height of the flight, are the cynics, naysayers, that try to keep us from soaring. If you want to fly high you need to drop a few sandbags!!

I included the patchwork because, historically, real patchwork is made by ‘piecing’ together bits of cloth, that were full of memories, to make quilts. In a patchwork pattern, each piece can remind you of a time or place, or person. Patchwork reminds us to remember and honour all the pieces that make up our life’s journey.

Every time you look at your painting, I hope it reminds you that…

“You don’t need wings to fly!”

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