Why yellow? and why a pineapple?

Do you know how hard it is to decide on a business name? I came up with many possibilities only to find they had already been taken. Art art art !!!! Everything arty (that I liked) was already ‘googlable’…is that a word?? I really liked the word studio so with the help of my daughter the name Studio Yellow was born. Why yellow? To me, Yellow is a colour that represents happiness, sunshine and hope. Why pineapples? Pineapples are fun to draw, sweet to eat and very Queensland. It’s amazing how many pineapples, other than the actual fruit, there are in this world once your tuned into them . It’s also very easy to dress like a pineapple as you can see by this classic pic taken in the late 1980s.

We're off to a "P" party
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