Meet Melanie, she’s a star here at Studio Yellow

Melanie is a regular student at Studio Yellow and from her very first class she was hooked!

When Melanie first joined Studio Yellow, she had not touched a paint brush, other than when renovating her apartment, in more than 25 years.

Now, within such a short amount of time, Melanie is THRIVING!

“I have spent the last 10 years working from a home-based clinic, assisting clients with physical and emotional health challenges. I love my work, and feel very blessed in assisting so many to create transformation for their lives. As a ‘healer’ I spend the majority of my time focusing on others (as most healers do) and very little on myself. I realised it was time for a change, to create something new, just for me. That is when I heard about Natalie and her adult art classes at Studio Yellow. I had always wanted to learn art, but had never had the time, or more correctly, created the time to do so.

Giving myself permission to switch off from work mode, and everything that I should be doing, to allow myself a few hours to stop, relax and simply allow myself to open up to create, took a little while to adjust too. But adjust I did! From the very first class I became hooked!

I have a long way to go, and lots more to learn, but I absolutely love taking this time off now each week, to allow me to switch over to my creative side, and play with colour and the various mediums we use.

I can’t recommend Nat’s classes enough! They are so relaxing, enjoyable and she is so supportive and full of knowledge. The people I am meeting are at all levels of competency, and it doesn’t matter, it’s just a group of lovely people coming together to create without judgement, so, please…come and join us - the more the merrier! You won’t regret it, I promise you that!"

Blessings... Melanie Young (Owner Vivaciti)

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