Warms my heart...

Sometimes when you least expect it, you find out that, just maybe, all the effort you put into your job is worth it. This message (below), from a past student brought tears to my eyes. If only more people took the time to share positive thoughts with others. I have never been a classroom teacher with only one group of 25 - 30 students in my care. I’ve always been a specialist teacher, so depending on the year and the school, I have taught between 200 - 500 students per week. That’s a lot of messy lessons and a lot of excited faces. It is so satisfying to find out you made an impact (on at least one of those students).

P.S. Greene-ware is the name of our Annual Student Art Exhibition

Hello Mrs Lynch,

I’m not too sure you’d remember me, I was an art student of yours 6 years ago at MBC. This being my senior year is a grand time and we have been challenged to find the person who has made the greatest contribution to our life, and thank them. I still remember learning to draw trees using the V method and carving patterns into lino. Greene-ware was the most encouraging time of year for me and was the milestone that has brought me to where I am today. Your careful eye and beautifully encouraging spirit planted a seed that has grown into a lifelong passion. I’m working on my senior portfolio and am applying for Architectural design next year. Art is the most valued asset in my life and it is a direct result of your nurturing spirit assisting me from year 1. I cannot thank you enough for the blessing you have been in my life. Since my years at MBC, I’ve regarded you so highly to my friends and teachers and always remember my primary years in the art room for inspiration. Thank you again, I hope you are living the wonderful life you deserve.

Lots of love Gaia :—)

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