Is it time for you to reconnect with                       your creative side?

Are you looking for a way to manage                  the stress in your life?

Would you like to meet people of all                    ages and form some great


About Studio Yellow


Studio Yellow is the place to learn how to make art. Whatever your previous Art experience, we can teach you how to use lots of different art materials and guide you through exciting and achievable activities to open your heart to the wonderful world of creativity. 

At Studio Yellow we understand that making art is a great way to maintain our health and connect with the community. We know making art is therapeutic. We know art making can be a soothing hobby or a new source of income.

When you do things that bring value and enjoyment to your life, it benefits everyone around you as well.

Based in Manly, Queensland.

Don’t wait till tomorrow let’s find a program to sign up to today!

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Here is what my clients have said:

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Take a moment to take notice of the colours and patterns around you. Have a wonderful day everyone!!! 🎨💛🍍
I’ve met so many clients who have said that art has changed their lives!! There is no doubt in my mind that even on bad days, spending time with some art supplies, playing with lines, colours, tones and textures, will lift your mood. Art is  healing and fun… especially when you take away the pressure of making something that is good enough to put in a frame. #enjoytheprocess #lifeenergy #timetoheal
My 32nd Mother’s Day has been especially wonderful, now that I’m a grandma as well. Today is a day to be grateful for all the generations before us, who made it possible for us to be born. Spending time with my family this weekend has been the biggest gift of all. #ilovemyfamilysomuch #mothersaremagic