Is it time for you to reconnect with                       your creative side?

Are you looking for a way to manage                  the stress in your life?

Would you like to meet people of all                    ages and form some great


About Studio Yellow

Studio Yellow is the place to learn how to make art. Whatever your previous Art experience, I can teach you how to use lots of different art materials and guide you through exciting and achievable activities to open your heart to the wonderful world of creativity.

I understand that making art is a great way to maintain good mental health and connect with the community. I know making art is therapeutic and I know art-making can be a soothing hobby and/or a new source of income.

When you do things that bring value and enjoyment to your life, it benefits everyone around you as well.

Don’t wait for ‘one day’. Change the way you think and feel about your life by booking a class with me today.

The Studio is located in Manly West, Brisbane.

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Do you need help with learning how to sit still long enough to relax? Maybe you’re looking for a way to switch off this racing thoughts, after a hectic week? On Saturday another group of lovely ladies learned all about painting with Watercolours… such a wonderful medium: affordable (because there is so little wastage), easy to setup and clean up, portable, versatile, non toxic (no fumes), fun, relaxing and more! If you’re interested in joining me, next time I offer this workshop, if you want to hear all my hints and tips AND pick my brain to have all your questions answered, if you want someone to watch what you’re doing and give you insights into what’s happening when you’re painting, send me a message and I’ll contact you when the next date is scheduled. If you can’t wait that long, I do offer private lessons! #watercolourforbeginners #liveyourbestlife #swtichoffandrelax #privateartlessons #artclassesforadults #signupwithafriend #beyourbestself #artmentor
Does art journaling appeals to you? It’s not too late to join the current module of my Art Mentoring Program. I have a couple of places to fill in the Thursday morning group: 9:30-11:30 am. There is no disadvantage in starting in week two (on May 2) because every lesson is a standalone experience… the lessons could be rearranged in any order, because together they build your overall confidence, skills, and the ability to think outside the box! You’ll learn to mix and match techniques and ideas, to help you to become a very versatile and creative artist!! There’s no better way to discover your favourite art process AND all materials are supplied. Contact me via hello@studioyellow.com.au to save yourself from paying full price. #bequick #artjournalpages #artjournalingclass #mentalhealthandwellness #selfcareideas #emotionalintelligence #creativethinking #feelbetter #behappier #takeactiontoday #artclassesforbeginners #adultartclasses #brisbaneartclasses #weeklyartclasses #makenewfriends #socialart
I like everything about my work…except maybe washing up after a particularly messy session in the studio. This week my #artmentoringprogram clients explored the possibilities that the humble foam roller has to offer when art journaling. That means 3 times this week I’ve spent quite a lot of time at the sink! In my classroom, when I taught in school,  I made the students clean up after themselves. I thought it was a good life skill for them to learn, but with my adult students I let them off the hook! I feel like it’s part of the whole #studioyellow experience, to arrive, create and leave without the hassle of the setup or pack up. Squeezing water through mucking sponges is not totally unpleasant… if you think about why you’re doing it (to serve others and to preserve the equipment so it can be reused rather than replaced) and if you focus on the sound of the tap running, the cool water on your hands and the sense of achievement when it’s all done! Unlike washing up in the kitchen there are no chemicals involved, no grease or burnt on food…I just need water and time! #focusonthepositive #mindfulcleaning #behindthescenes #servingmycommunity #honouringmyclients #washingup #greenbucket
When you take up ART, purely as a hobby, it changes everything!!! Yes, you might end up framing some of your work to decorate your own house. Yes, you might give some of your artwork away as gifts. Yes, you might monetise your hobby by selling what you make, online, at the markets or by approaching a homewares store. Yes, you might hold a solo exhibition in the future. Yes, your artwork might be your legacy or worth millions💰one day… but in the meantime, just enjoy the process. Enjoy exploring, experimenting and learning! Enjoy the feel and sound of the materials as they make contact with the surface (paper or canvas etc). Enjoy some chill-music and a nice cup of tea (take care not to put your cup too close to your water pot 😬🤣🤣)! Enjoy being screen-free. Enjoy the power of seeing the world through your new ‘artist’s’ eyes 👀!!! Be amazed by all the lines, shapes, colours and patterns that you start to notice in very ‘ordinary’ places… Get out of your head and into your body! #findpeacewithin #exploremore #depressionrelief #anxietytips #anxietyhacks #howtofeelbetter #healingtrauma #findingjoy
Happy World Art day!! I love that even if you’re only playing around with mark-making materials on scrap cardboard, art is something that can be bring you joy at any age. How many hobbies can be started at the age of two and continue for your entire lifetime? “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” (Pablo Picasso) If you want to know more about how to rediscover your creative side, send me a message so we can work out a good time for a quick chat. 👍🏻💛 #worldartday #artmakesyouhappy #findjoy #enjoytheprocess #artmakestheworldgoround #findyourspark #newhobbies
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