Is it time for you to reconnect with                       your creative side?

Are you looking for a way to manage                  the stress in your life?

Would you like to meet people of all                    ages and form some great


About Studio Yellow

Studio Yellow is the place to learn how to make art. Whatever your previous Art experience, I can teach you how to use lots of different art materials and guide you through exciting and achievable activities to open your heart to the wonderful world of creativity.

I understand that making art is a great way to maintain good mental health and connect with the community. I know making art is therapeutic and I know art-making can be a soothing hobby and/or a new source of income.

When you do things that bring value and enjoyment to your life, it benefits everyone around you as well.

Don’t wait for ‘one day’. Change the way you think and feel about your life by booking a class with me today.

The Studio is located in Manly West, Brisbane.

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Simple or complex… cyanotype prints, also known as Sun Prints are beautiful! They allow you to explore your world and exercise your creativity and imagination without the need for drawing or painting skills. I hope you can join me this SUNDAY for a relaxing afternoon workshop! All materials are supplied and places are limited so book your place today!! Jump onto my website now. #sunprint #cyanotype #sundayart #sundayartday #brisbaneartworkshop #artclassesforadults #weekendartworkshop #blueprints #careforyourself #metime💕 #beginnerswelcome
It’s feels so good when you create something that turns out better than your original expectations! #happycustomer😊 #creativityiscontagious #findyoursparkle #youhavewhatittakes #artmakesyouhappy #healthyhabitsforlife #newhobbies #mosaicart #artmentoring #adultartclasses #artistheraputic #findyourpurpose
How long since you visited my website to read about weekend workshops I’m offering between now and Easter? It’s always nice to have something to look forward to, so book in early to avoid disappointment!! I cater to complete beginners, so you have nothing to fear. #saturdayworkshop #sundayworkshop #weekendartclass #brisbaneweekend #whatsoninbrisbane #wynnummanly #manlywest
Working with ‘the other’ class of Year 11 Health students today was an absolute pleasure. Being at @moreton_bay_college still feels soooooooo familiar to me, after teaching there for so many years. The students, once again, were delightful! So engaged with all the tasks and appreciative of my visit. #goodmanners are the norm here! I delivered my message about the importance of nurturing good mental health, and shared my hints and tips about Resilience. Then the students experienced some creative activities that are proven to help to reduce stress and alleviate mind-clutter. #artistheraputic #arttherapyworkshop #mentalhealthmatters #suicideawarness #emotionalresilience #moretonbaycollege
If you want results, you need to take action and be consistent…You’ll also get better results if you make some changes and stop doing things that don’t work and start doing things that do! Dabbling in art loses its appeal when you don’t know how to use the art materials you’ve collected or can’t think of ideas! Worry (about what others may think of your art) is also a great dampener!! Committing to some quality art classes, is one of the best ways to make a commitment to achieving the results you want! You’ll be learning about what’s going right as well as what’s going wrong in your approach to art making. Just last week, I witnessed one of my client’s self-realisation that the progress she had made, since starting classes with me, is outstanding. Her face lit up with joy as she admired the work she had done and compared it with previous work from last year!! It’s time for YOU to take action and achieve your goals. Thanks for the reminder #arnoldschwarzenegger 👍🏻 #resultsday #personalresponsibility #setyourgoals #learnfromme #transformyourlife #transformyourmind #mindsetandmotivation #beanartist #findjoy #enjoytheprocess
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