Feedback & Testimonials

Testimonial from Jenny H

I attended the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Drawing’ workshop because I wanted to learn the basics and it was fantastic. Natalie has the ability to create such a relaxed learning environment! I learned so much.

Testimonial from Julie K

Natalie’s ‘Everything You Need to Know About Drawing’ workshop was very helpful and easy to follow. I’ve been looking for something to improve my skills and my expectations were exceeded. I’m looking forward to practising.

Testimonial from Mandy

Natalie’s unique form of Art Therapy has helped with my anxiety and depression. I am now socialising again. Thanks Natalie.

Testimonial from Natalie B

Natalie’s Art Mentoring Program has opened up a world of ideas for me. I now understand the importance of spending time being creative. It’s a ‘stress outlet’ and it has helped me to create some balance in my life. If your thinking about it, I say just jump in and do it!”

Testimonial from Helen

I booked on a whim, had a lovely afternoon messing about with paints and crafty materials. I thoroughly enjoyed doing creative things, it’s been too long since I put aside time to do something that feels so wonderful. I will definitely be doing other workshops at Studio Yellow.

Testimonial from Kerry

The Art Mentoring Program exceeded my expectations. I’m finally learning how to be creative. It’s been a great investment in ‘myself’. I’ve had a lot of fun and made some new friends.

Testimonial from Martina

The Art Mentoring program is relaxing and refreshing. I Loved it. The biggest thing I gained from the experience is just how simple it is to be creative (when you’re shown how).

Testimonial from Dianne

Natalie showed us that the simplest items can be used in the creative process. I had no idea how many bits and pieces can be collected, for next to no cost, and used to make art.

Testimonial from Tina

Natalie’s Art Therapy classes are indeed different from other art classes I’ve attended.  It is more about the creative process which allows for reflection and self-expression. I have found myself trying out new techniques and mediums and freeing myself up, as well as reflecting on the whole process with surprising results. Natalie’s program has helped me a lot with my art and also with my self-development. I am feeling more confident and calmer in myself. I will be back for … Continue reading "Testimonial from Tina"

Testimonial from Christian

Natalie’s Art Mentoring Program is by far the most amazing way to open your eyes to all the possibilities art has to offer. Each week I would find myself immersed in an art medium that I didn’t even know existed, using fun and unique techniques to bring a masterpiece to life! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is even slightly interested in art!

Testimonial from Nikki

I have just completed my 2nd module of the ART MENTORING PROGRAM and I am in love!! I can’t wait to come back for another! The evening sessions work perfectly for me as it starts late enough to grab some dinner after work and finishes early enough that you aren’t getting home too late. These art classes are fun and relaxing, letting you be a bit creative and silly without the ‘pressure’ to create ‘perfect’ art! Can’t recommend Natalie’s classes … Continue reading "Testimonial from Nikki"

Testimonial from Oriana

I love Studio Yellow! It’s the way Natalie teaches these intriguing ART techniques and so seamlessly in the next breath, I’m somehow diving into my own little masterpiece that feels so good to me. Natalie gives me the confidence to explore my creativity, coaxes us to let go of getting everything perfect, and shows us tricks to make things look great. My inner perfectionist is suitably challenged! She compassionately and expertly guides all of us to venture forth with gusto. … Continue reading "Testimonial from Oriana"

Testimonial from Min

I’ve attended all but 3 of the eight Art Mentoring modules and I’ve loved every minute of it! I can’t wait to complete the final 3 modules! I started off so unsure and tentative, held back by my perfectionism, but now I’m more confident and I jump in and give everything a go. I’ve learned about so many art mediums that I never knew of before and this has opened up my creative journey to even more possibilities. The classes … Continue reading "Testimonial from Min"

Testimonial from Manille

Relaxing! Relaxing! Relaxing! Keep it up Natalie, I loved your Paint ‘n’ Sip class. Very professional!

Testimonial from Sharon

As always, Natalie presented a very professional workshop. The Paint ‘n’ Sip format is great fun. I liked adding a few changes of my own to the canvas and left feeling very happy and relaxed.

Testimonial from Rachel

Natalie’s Paint ‘n’ Sip class showed me just how good painting is for the soul in today’s busy times. I started the session feeling so un-artistic, but I quickly relaxed and I’m amazed at what I have made. It was a great experience!

Testimonial from Natasha

Tonight I gained my confidence back to do art. Studio Yellow is a beautiful place where you can relax and leave your thoughts behind. This really was a therapeutic experience that nurtures your mental wellness. I had a fantastic night with my friend, and just wish I had been game to do something like this sooner.

Testimonial from Martin

Natalie’s Paint ‘n’ Sip class was awesome. I arrived somewhat stressed but felt very relaxed afterward. The biggest thing I’ve gained tonight was a new ‘perspective’ about the importance of having a creative outlet.

Testimonial from Karina

I have NEVER painted before so I loved the step-by-step process Natalie guided us through.  Studio Yellow is such a relaxing environment. I felt so happy with my painting.

Testimonial from Sarah

I was quite stressed and nervous before arriving for my first Paint ‘n’ Sip class, but I soon relaxed and I am very proud of what a was able to achieve.

Testimonial from Lyn

The biggest thing I gained from Studio Yellow is confidence. Natalie creates a relaxed atmosphere and an “I CAN DO” attitude to learning which is great. I was so apprehensive before the workshop started but now, I feel fantastic because I DID IT! Everything about this afternoon’s workshop was great so I’ll be back for more classes! 

Testimonial from Adena

Natalie’s weekend workshops are so enjoyable, 3 hours is not long enough. It was great to learn different techniques and have so many different art materials available to draw with. Studio Yellow is such a creative yet calming place.

Testimonial from Christina

Studio Yellow is a friendly place to learn. I’ve been to a few of Natalie’s workshops now and I’m proud to say I’m getting better at relaxing in a group setting.

Testimonial from Maria

I’m a school teacher and after meeting Natalie I feel more confident to help my students. Studio Yellow is a place where you can really relax while you learn. Natalie is a wonderful, experienced teacher. I was in my element!

Testimonial from Loretta

Natalie has given me new insights and I now have so many ideas that I can now use with my students. Studio Yellow is a Great! I’m definitely going to do more art at home to keep the happy feeling going.

Testimonial from Pat

At Studio Yellow I’ve learned so much about using different colours to make a range of other colours. Until now I always used what is already available. Learning to mix colours using a ‘mother colour’ opened up a whole new world for me. That was very interesting. Natalie always covers so much information that I didn’t know about before. Studio Yellow is always an enjoyable place to be. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and there is no pressure to … Continue reading "Testimonial from Pat"

Testimonial from Tracy

Natalie has shown me how important it is to slow down and really look when you’re drawing. This was a welcoming and relaxing workshop. It was thoroughly enjoyable and so worthwhile for me. I felt much more relaxed at the end of the session than when I arrived.

Testimonial from Andrina

I’ve learned so much about how art can improve wellbeing at Studio Yellow. Natalie really gives you the confidence to just have a go and I now understand that your drawings don’t need to be perfect for you to still reap the benefits. Natalie’s workshops are a wonderful opportunity to use a variety of media. I feel very inspired to put together my own travel kit and do more. The workshops are friendly, relaxing and non-intimidating.

Testimonial from Lisa

I’ve learned so much about how art can improve wellbeing at Studio Yellow. Natalie really gives you the confidence to just have a go and I now understand that your drawings don’t need to be perfect for you to still reap the benefits. Natalie’s workshops are a wonderful opportunity to use a variety of media. I feel very inspired to put together my own travel kit and do more. The workshops are friendly, relaxing and non-intimidating.

Testimonial from Louise

I loved learning lots of new techniques in the Nature Journalling workshop. I’ve discovered a whole new avenue to relax and switch off. This workshop has really opened some doors for me. Nature Journalling is uplifting and could just be the best therapy you could ever need! I felt myself letting go of my stress and finding a feeling of inner peace. It has given me hope and a way forward. I’m feeling inspired to use Drawing as a way … Continue reading "Testimonial from Louise"

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