4-Week Art Mentoring Program

If you are a complete beginner looking to start art as a hobby or a lost artist wanting to rediscover your creative spark, this weekly program is for you. Explore a wide variety of media with individual mentoring that will change your mindset about how ‘talented’ you are. This is a 4-week program with 8 intake dates each year however if places exist, you can start any week by contacting me directly via email.

Signing up for weekly sessions help you to make that regular commitment to a life-changing habit as well as form new friendships.

You’ll be learning Art to love life.

My art-journaling style program gives you the opportunity to ‘taste test’ a wide variety of different media to build Art skills and Art confidence. As your mentor, I will show you how to develop a creative mindset by creating pages of ideas and “samplers” that can be used to inspire a practise of daily journaling or be applied when creating larger works later.

The journaling format also means you’ll make more art in less time AND because a journal takes up less space, you can easily continue your new passion at home. You can even work on your lap when the kids are awake!!

I’ll show you how to use art to be in touch with your life and all that’s happening in it, so together, we will reflect on all that is still good in the world and everything to be grateful for. This can be extremely powerful now and, in the future, when you’re having a particularly challenging week or if you’re going through a bigger rough patch (we all have them – You know that saying… “it never rains but it pours!”).


My tried and tested program will help you overcome any anxiety and fears about having ‘NO TALENT’. I have loads of experience teaching all ages and all stages so, especially in this small group setting, I can support you a lot or a little, depending on your wishes.

In this program, you’ll explore a range of techniques as well as the elements and principles of design to build your art knowledge and confidence. I’ll even help you to understand that mistakes are an essential and positive part of the process. Each week is a step-by-step tutorial with creative prompts for different projects to spark your imagination and see what’s possible. I’ll remove any frustration, by showing you the right way to use materials and what to do when things don’t go to plan. This program will help you discover the value of engaging in ‘the process’ of art-making rather than only focusing on the finished product. Whatever level you’re at, you’ll discover that art is a gentle way to explore the tenets of mindfulness. Art reminds you to be present. It’s like a retreat for a busy mind.

With my guidance and support, learn to stop comparing yourself to others and how to overcome the need to make everything perfect. When you learn the tricks the Artists use when creating, your confidence will soar, and you’ll see that anything is possible.

All you have to do is START.

Benefits for you

The “magic” is in how I teach art to reach the very foundations of the human psyche, which gains long-term benefits:

What you will do...

The Art Mentoring Program is designed to make ART portable, personal and doable. You’ll be so inspired, you’ll be motivated to continue the journey at home when each week, I provide you with extra tasks to boost your creativity between sessions.

Please note, that each Module within a calendar year, offers NEW CONTENT so you can start your art journey at any time without feeling disadvantaged. By completing all 8 Modules, you will experience 32 individual lessons that aim to progress all art skills learned and extend and develop your personal awareness, communication skills, and confidence in all areas of your life. If places exist, you are welcome to start part-way through a module. Please contact me directly so I can enrol you with the price adjusted accordingly.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Module 101
Module 103
Module 105
Module 107
Tuesday, Jan 30 - Feb 20 Wednesday, Jan 31 - Feb 21 Thursday, Feb 1 - 22
Tuesday, Apr 16 - May 14 Wednesday, Apr 17 - May 15 Thursday, Apr 18 - May 16 (excluding Apr 23 - 25)
Tuesday, Jul 9 - Jul 30 Wednesday, Jul 10 - Jul 31 Thursday, Jul 11 - Aug 1
Tuesday, Oct 1 - 22 Wednesday, Oct 2 - 23 Thursday, Oct 3 - 24
Module 102
Module 104
Module 106
Module 108
Tuesday, Mar 5 - 26 Wednesday, Mar 6 - 27 Thursday, Mar 7 - 28
Tuesday, May 28 - Jun 18 Wednesday, May 29 - Jun 19 Thursday, May 30 - Jun 20
Tuesday, Aug 20 - Sept 10 Wednesday, Aug 21 - Sept 11 Thursday, Aug 22 - Sept 12
Tuesday, Nov 5 - 26 Wednesday, Nov 6 - 27 Thursday, Nov 7 - 28

Natalie Lynch

Artist and Mentor

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All clients (and interested friends) are invited to become a member of Club Yellow.

Club Yellow offers you the opportunity to stay inspired and connected away from the studio. Community is everything and I believe sticking together and making friends with your classmates is the best way to thrive. So, for our social and creative well-being, Club Yellow offers you the opportunity to network in-person, once a month, as well as virtually in a Private Facebook Group.

This is an exclusive group of like-minded people, of all abilities, who share and discuss all things arty including any personal art projects. It’s peer-mentoring with coffee and cake!


Here is what my clients have said:

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